Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sollywood (Party) Animals

Anil Thakraney talks to Kishen "All he’s ever done in life, is party" Mulchandani for Sunday Mid-day.
You acted in Page 3… how close was it to real life?
Totally true! Everything you saw in the movie happens everyday in my life.

You mean industrialists have sex with children?
That’s only a metaphor for teenagers! And it happens in every society, even down in the slums.

Sex with teens, even if by consent, is a crime. Shouldn’t you report this, as a responsible citizen?
Maybe all that’s being done with consent! How do I know if the parents aren’t soliciting it? If it’s a crime, that’s for their elders to understand, why should I put my nose into it? I am not the Taliban to sit here and regulate the moralities of people! I am there to have fun, that’s all. Tomorrow, if I see a couple kissing and smooching, and the man’s trying to shove and rub, why should I butt in?

But we are talking underage sex here.
(Agitated) Arre baba, how do you know they are not lured by money? How do you know the child is not inclined towards it? The 12-year-olds are ready to do anything these days! When you are young, and your uncles and aunties make you sit on their lap, and keep rubbing you, how can you tell they have sex on their minds or not? You might think they love the child.
What's Sollywood?
If you have finished throwing up, read the rest here.

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