Monday, June 27, 2005

Sania Shining

Sania's value as a symbol outclasses her iconic status as a player. She stands for what is not just a new generation, but a whole new species. One which could only have emerged at this point in Indian Standard Time. Unburdened by 'I should', it's driven by 'I can'. Post-national, me-first ("I play for myself — and my country"). Bred on choices, risk-taking, mould-breaking, demanding. Carnal in its appetite for success. And no pussyfooting on any of this. On the contrary, ready to be an alley-cat if that's what it takes. Accelerate the world, we want to jump on.
Bachi Karkaria reacts to a comentator's remark made at Wimbledon: "Here's Sania displaying the fighting Indian spirit!"

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