Monday, June 13, 2005

The Anonymous Blogger

Is it possible to remain anonymous while blogging?

As blogging grows, so does the number of people who face threats of lawsuits or risks of being fired from their jobs for posting candid comments about the workplace

As blogging continues to grow, so does the number of people disciplined or even fired from their jobs for their candid posts.

So how to keep your identity a secret online? An unknown Manhattan waiter behind the blog Waiter Rant (where he posts colorful anecdotes about his customers and co-workers in the eatery where he works) shares some of the rules he follows to stay anonymous:
  • Avoid posting comments that would give away your work location.
  • Never give/ write about personal details such as job location, names of colleagues or any details that can link you to your blog.
  • Never blog at work.
  • And in case you happen to become popular, grant interviews only to legitimate media sources.
I have already violated the first three rules, and most (including my bosses) know that I blog (If I ever step out of line on my blog, I am toast). And I am too unknown to grant any interviews.

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