Friday, February 11, 2005

Police Encounter

A 27-year-old MBA graduate - Prashant - was allegedly thrashed to death by a drunken police constable - Rajendra Patil of Kapurbavdi Police Station - in Thane.

According to the Indian Express, Prashant had got into an argument over the fare of Rs 50 with an autorickshaw driver. It was around 3.30 am. An inebriated Rajendra Patil, intervened. He first sent the rickshaw driver away. He then asked Prashant to get into another rickshaw and accompany him to the police station. On their way to the police station, he started beating up Prashant. Prashant escaped when the rickshaw stopped. The Constable ordered the rickshaw driver to follow Prashant. Patil cornered Prashant on a small building terrace behind hotel Rajdhani and continued bashing him.

Sometime later, the young man was dead.

Prashant was found " lying in a pool of blood, murdered’’ by the second rickshaw driver who came back to look for Prashant near Hotel Rajdhani after dropping the constable off at the police station.

Patil was arrested 20 hours after the murder.

A relative of Prashant, Nirmala Annegowda (prashant was her husband's cousin) has written about his death and has started an online petition that she wants to send to the Prime Minister's Office.

Please sign the Petition if you support her cause.

Blog about the incident (I read about this on Amit Varma's India Uncut), and talk, and email your friends about it. Show that you care.

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