Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Best Method of Population Control?

What is the best method to convince a person about population control? Maybe have no kids at all? Gaurav Sabnis suggests in this post that making the person travel alongside children all the time will do it.

People who have traveled in Mumbai's crowded local trains with kids around them will agree. How many times has a snotty, bawling brat made your commute seem to stretch forever?

I was once traveling to Dadar when this family with a kid in tow occupied the seats in front of me. At every station the kid asked his dad "What is the name of this station?" And when he received the answer, "Why is it called so?" The dad, of course, had no clue. So the kid turned to all the other "uncles and aunties" around him and started tugging sleeves, demanding to be answered. The person next to me who tried to hide behind his newspaper had it torn into two. I could see that he really wanted to fetch this kid a stinging slap. But he had to smile and bear it as the parents marveled at their kid's intelligence and looked on approvingly.

And I have lost the count of the number of times when a kid wanted to read the same book that I was. And I have had the parents asking me to give the book to the kid for a few minutes!

"Hum do, hamare do" is two too many. Should change it to "Hum do, Hamare zero."

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