Friday, January 21, 2005

20-20 Vision

One-day cricket has become predictable and has an exhausted air about it. It needs a shake-up -- some ideas that will agitate it and bring more excitement into the game.

Twenty20 cricket seems to be the flavor of the times. Australia has announced plans for a domestic Twenty20 competition and is trying to squeeze in a tournament next summer.

Harsha Bhogle, writing for Expressindia, too feels that 20-20 vision is the way ahead. At the moment, he says, 20-20 cricket is "torn between the traditionalists and the early adopters" but feels that it being a "mere marketing issue," the market will eventually win.

Sambit Bal on Cricinfo considers a few other possibilities that could be put into play to spice-up one day cricket. Some of the suggestions are really radical - 13 overs per bowler, making fours count for more - and should be given a trial.

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